hey, it's connie ;)

I'm a product designer and fanatic of immersive stories, digital creator tools, and Pantone 3435 C. Most recently I was a UX Design Intern @ NVIDIA, and I'm currently a senior at Brown University studying Computer Science and Visual Art.

If I'm not writing or painting in my free time, you can probably find me indulging in my ceramics collection, carving soapstone seals, or practicing tattooing. Fun facts about me are that I have a collection of over a hundred succulents, I was probably a cartographer in a past life, and I co-founded San Francisco's first high school hackathon.

Shoot me an email at connie_liu1@brown.edu to chat about design, making fine art on Figma, or how Pringles are the best form of potato~ 🌱

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