hey, it's connie ;)

I'm a product designer and fanatic of immersive stories, digital creator tools, and Pantone 3435 C. Most recently I was a UX Design Intern @ NVIDIA, and I'm currently a senior at Brown University studying Computer Science and Visual Art.

As a queer first-generation college student from San Francisco, I see design as an avenue to facilitate the creation of more equitable and accessible experiences for everyone, especially those whom have been historically underinvested.

In a past life, I co-founded San Francisco's first high school hackathon.

Profile Picture

part-time tattoo-artist, ceramicist,
and botanist...

Tattoo and greenhouse pictures

If I'm not pushing pixels on Figma, I'm moonlighting as an interdisciplinary jack of all trades.

Currently working on my Visual Arts Honors Senior Thesis Exhibition, I'm passing time by working at a greenhouse, living out my cartographer dreams in my university's GIS maps department, tattooing friends in exchange for stories, and writing my Chinese apothecary sci-fi epic novel...

Shoot me an email at connie_liu1@brown.edu to chat about design, making fine art on Figma, or how Pringles are the best form of potato~ 🌱