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NVIDIA UX Internship

This project is currently under NDA. Contact me to learn more about what I worked on!

Although I can't publicly disclose the details of my time at NVIDIA, I had an amazing experience interning in a close-knit, collaborative design team. Read about my experience below!


UX Designer


April 2022 - July 2022




Marshal Uhls
Paul McAlpine


I interned on the NGC Cloud Team as a User Experience Design Intern for 12 weeks during the summer of 2022. I was integrated onto a team of designers doing amazing work defining the design and user research culture at NVIDIA.

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My lovely team :)


🗓 Show work early and often

This was the first time I had access to a team of designers who could critique my work on a regular basis, and this was definitely one of the most valuable experiences of my internship. Not only did I gain the privilege of frequent feedback on my work, but witnessing how other designers critiqued each other gave me insight into how I can offer feedback to others and look at my own work from a different lens.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Be proactive

One of my biggest challenges was trying to feeling connected with my team given its remote nature. Being my first time on a design team, it took a while for me to feel comfortable speaking up during team-wide meetings and contributing the input I had to offer. Being in an actual workplace taught me skills that I would have to work on, and I'm now a lot more conscious about being proactive and contributing to design meetings with managers and stakeholders.

✍️ Consolidating design decisions

My NVIDIA projects were massive in relation to my previous experiences, and due to my limited time at the company, they had a life before and after me. The projects had been in the hands of many people, and being onboarded and orienting myself was a challenge in and of itself. I learned how to consolidate different decisions and iterations from different designers, as well as the value of exploring as many viable directions as possible.

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